Skull Division Golden Skull
Solana's First
Pairable NFT
Launched in Nov 2021, Skull Division is Solana’s first pairable non-fungible token (NFT). With 5,312 Skulls in circulation, Skull holders (also known as Skullectors) can pair their Skulls with other selected Solana projects (Skullections).

Skullectors are also a part of a growing and exciting community centered on art, music and all things creative. In 2022, we will be launching some really exciting initiatives in partnership with some of the top talent in the Solana NFT Space, beginning with Project Sku11.
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5,312 Unique, Generative Skulls roaming on the Solana Blockchain. Check out How Rare each one is.

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What is Pairing?
When a Skull is paired to an NFT from a Skullection, a percentage of Skull royalties will be channeled to that Skullection’s DAO (also known as EnDAOment). The more Skulls paired to that Skullection’s NFTs, or the rarer the Skulls in the pairing, the higher the EnDAOment for that Skullection.
  • Artificial Irrelevants
  • Aurory
  • Degenerate Ape Academy
  • Grim Syndicate
  • Lotus Gang
  • Pesky Penguins
  • Skeleton Crew
  • Solana Monkey Business
  • Solarians
  • Solsteads
  • Thugbirdz
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Artificial Irrelevants
Degenerate Ape Academy
Grim Syndicate
Lotus Gang
Pesky Penguin
Skeleton Crew RIP
Solana Monkey Business
Solsteads Surreal Estate

The Skull Division Team

We are a small but highly effective group of trusted NFT ecosystem contributors:

Dali Commas
Founder & Art Director
Head of Operations
Flying Horse Fish
Head of Content Strategy
Lead Developer
Head of Marketing
Head of Community

We have collective experience in community building, design and tech implementation with various high-profile Solana NFT communities. Feel free to reach out to us anytime.

SKELE-TONNES OF QUESTIONS? [To be divided into 3 sections: Project Overview, Pairings and Roadmap] 
We know you’ve got questions, and we are here to answer them.  If you have any further queries, feel free to pop into our Discord and ask away!

Section 1: Project Overview
What can you tell me about Skull Division? Skull Division is a Solana NFT project that launched on 18 November 2021. It is the first pairable NFT project in the Solana ecosystem. We conceptualised Skull Division as a venture that will grow and become a long-term collaborator in the Solana NFT community.  

That’s a lot of buzzwords… can you explain further? 
Sure. We are looking at our Skulls to do the following: 

- Be a cool NFT collection that you are proud to own. The collection comprises 5,312 pixelated Skulls carefully crafted by our Founder and Art Director, DaliCommas.

- Reward our partner Skullections. We currently have 11 prominent Solana collections (Skullections) collaborating with us for our launch.  These are: Solana Monkey Business, Thugbirdz, Degenerate Ape Academy, Solarians, Grim Syndicate, Pesky Penguins, Solsteads, the Aurory Project, Skeleton Crew Rip, Artificial Irrelevants and Lotus Gang.

- If you have a Skull, you can choose to pair it with a Skullection NFT in your wallet (Pairing). Each Skullection that has its NFT Paired with a Skull will be entitled to receive rewards in the form of Solana (EnDAOment), paid directly to the Skullection’s community wallet. This means Skull holders, our Affiliates and Skull Division will get to reap the benefits together.

- Create utility for our Skull holders (Skullectors). Our very first project in 2022 is Project Sku11, and we promise it will be a really exciting one.  We are also looking at finding ways to reward our Skullectors directly, and will announce details in due course.

What is the EnDAOment and how is it calculated?
When a Skull is sold on the secondary market, 40% of the royalties will be divided amongst the Skullections based on the following factors: 

- Number of Pairings: The more Pairings a Skullection has, the higher the reward points for that Skullection. However, Pairings will be weighted in accordance with the size of the Skullection. Roughly speaking, a collection of 10,000 pieces will require twice the number of Pairings to achieve the same level of EnDAOment as a collection of 5,000 pieces. 

- Rarity of Pairing: Skulls will have different rarities. A rarer Skull will yield higher rewards than a more common Skull when Paired with a Skullection NFT. 

Where can I buy your Skulls?
You can purchase your Skulls on any of the following secondary marketplaces: ExchangeArt, MagicEden, and AlphaArt 

Section 2: Pairings
How do I pair my Skulls with my Skullection NFTs?
We are developing a proprietary dashboard to allow each Skull holder to pair their Skull with Skullection NFTs. You are welcome to view our progress on Discord.

How many Skulls can I pair with each Skullection NFT?

You can pair up to 3 Skulls to each Skullection NFT.  

Can I pair my Skulls with each other?

Yes, you can pair your Skulls with each other.  However, unlike Skullection NFTs (where you can pair 3 Skulls to each NFT), you can only pair 1 Skull to another Skull.  This will leave more Skulls in circulation to be paired with other Skullections.

Can I pair my Skulls with NFTs that are not from a partner Skullection?
No, you cannot. But we intend to onboard more Skullections in time. Onboarded Skullections will have their NFTs eligible for Pairings. How do I benefit from the Pairings? Your Skullection’s community wallet will receive rewards in the form of SOL from Skull Division. This enhances your DAO and allows them to benefit their members directly!

Section 3: Roadmap
What have you accomplished?
We created and/or executed on:
- 3 different airdrops before our mint, for our early supporters, 1 of which entitled holders to redeem their airdrop for merchandise. 

- An intricate 7 chapter Lore, together with illustrations from one of the top artists in the Solana ecosystem.Our

- Skull Builder, a tool that allowed our supporters to play with generating and customising their own Skulls. Our mint. An escrow partnership with YAWWW, to allow our skull holders to trade their skulls in a safe and efficient manner.

- Creating some really cool merchandise for our Skull holders.

The Pairing Dashboard.  You can now pair your Skulls with Skullection NFTs and channel EnDAOment to your preferred Skullection’s community wallet.

Super.  So what’s next?

Moving forward, the team is consulting with some of the best minds to which we have access to find innovative and game-changing ways to unlock value for our Skull holders, including:

- Project Sku11, a generative art project featuring 11 of the top Solana 1/1 artists today.  Project Sku11 will mint in March 2022, at 0.2 SOL per piece for Skullectors that hold multiples of 6 Skulls.

- Generation 2. We can’t say too much about it right now, but we are working with some really awesome partners in the community to create the next generation of skulls (with a really cool utility set), and Skullectors will get first dibs.

Will there be a DAO?
Absolutely. We already engage the Skullector community on important decisions and will set up BoneDAO. 

As we continue to grow, we will in due course hand over the majority of management decisions to BoneDAO; this will allow the Skull Team to focus on ecosystem growth, Skullarship opportunities and community outreach. At the heart of our ethos is our SKULLTURE, and we are here to play our part in developing the Solana NFT community for the better.